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Mission & Objectives


The aim of ARIN-AP is to increase the effectiveness
of members’ efforts in depriving criminals of their
illicit profits on a multi-agency basis by establishing
itself as the center of professionals’ network
in tackling the proceeds of crime.


Seeking to meet its aims ARIN-AP will ;

  • Focus on the proceeds of all crimes, within the framework of international obligations
  • Establish itself as the center of expertise in all aspects of tackling the proceeds of crime
  • Promote the exchange of information and best practice
  • Establish a network of contact points
  • Form a solid international network with other related organizations such as UNODC and CARIN
  • Research and develop practices and systems of asset recovery
  • Facilitate and promote training in all aspects of tackling the proceeds of crime
  • Act as an advisory group to other appropriate authorities
  • Cooperate with the private sector in achieving its aims